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Getting Over Winter Blues

By Leslie Vernick | January 5, 2009 |

Q. Christmas is over. The weather is grey and I haven’t seen the sunshine in over a week. I know I’m supposed to be joyful and thankful but I just don’t feel it. What can I do to feel better when I’m feeling blue? Abby in MA A. You’re not alone. Many people experience the winter blues. There’s even a…

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My husband’s anger and chronic complaining Part 2

By Leslie Vernick | December 30, 2008 |

Q. This is my last blog before the New Year so I thought I’d do something a little different. Instead of answering a new question, I want to continue to respond to the issue presented last week. This past week I’ve received some reader responses as well as a follow up question from Diane regarding her husband’s explosive anger and…

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My Husband is Chronically Complaining and Negative

By Leslie Vernick | December 22, 2008 |

Q. My husband is chronically complaining and often in a bad mood. He finds something wrong with everything and frequently has a pity party for himself. I don’t know how to help him or even how to live with him in a godly way. I don’t want him to ruin the holidays for our children – again! What can I…

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How Do I Stop Being Crazy Busy?

By Leslie Vernick | December 15, 2008 |

Q. There is never enough time in a day or week to get everything I need to get finished done. Holidays only add another long list to the already long list I try to do. Is it ever going to stop? Cindy from FL A. I know how you feel, I’ve been there too. It seems that for every item…

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My mom died and I feel stuck in my grief.

By Leslie Vernick | December 8, 2008 |

Q. My mom passed away 9 months ago; 1 month after finding out she had pancreatic cancer. I miss her so much. I know she is happy and not suffering in Heaven and that comforts me, but I feel like I’m going crazy sometimes with her not here. I am not looking forward to the holidays since for the last…

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What Should I do if I suspect child abuse?

By Leslie Vernick | December 1, 2008 |

Question: I just got home from a Thanksgiving dinner and I can’t believe how my brother-in-law was treating his son. He humiliated my nephew in front of everyone, yelling at him and criticizing him endlessly throughout the day. I could hardly keep my mouth shut. I just wanted to scream at him ‘Stop—don’t you see what you’re doing? It’s abusive!’…

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Afraid to Disappoint Parents Over Holidays

By Leslie Vernick | November 24, 2008 |

Question My husband and I are worn out every holiday season because we have to visit his parents and mine for Thanksgiving and Christmas Days. Our kids are young and it’s hard to keep them out all day. They miss their naps, get crabby and over stimulated. We’re exhausted, but we hate to disappoint our parents. Any advice? Cindy in…

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Helping Thanksless Children

By Leslie Vernick | November 17, 2008 |

Question: My children are constantly complaining about everything. Nothing I do or give them is ever enough. I just had a birthday party for my ten year old and after he opened all his gifts, he said “is that all?” I’m so frustrated with their attitudes and greediness. What can I do? Marcy in IL Answer: Unfortunately we’re living in…

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Is my husband suicidal?

By Leslie Vernick | November 10, 2008 |

Q. My husband has been battling depression for about a year. Although he’s on medication it doesn’t seem to be helping him much. Sometimes he says he just wishes it was over and he could die and go to heaven. Is he suicidal? Anne in KS A. If someone talks about death, it is important to encourage them to tell…

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