Meet Our Coaches


Diana Bala

Diana is a Life and Relationship Coach and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a heart for women who are hurting, confused and experiencing the pain of destructive relationships. Having experienced these dynamics personally and professionally, she seeks to empower and educate women toward awareness and truth. She has been married for 27 years and is the mother of two young adults. Diana has trained and worked with Leslie Vernick since January 2016. It is her soul's desire to champion women who desire to see clearly, live strongly and walk boldly in faith and the truth of who God has designed them to be. In her spare time, Diana enjoys kayaking, glass art fusion, reading books that inspire and occasional trips to the beach.


Elise Berryhill

Elise is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Coach working primarily with women who are struggling in difficult and destructive relationships. Elise understands women often suffer in silence and isolation when living with a spouse who is abusive while looking like Mr. Wonderful to everyone else. As a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Elise loves the integration of Scripture with the real and present challenges of life, especially marriage. In 2015, Elise began her work with Leslie in the professional mentoring/supervision group EQUIP. It was Leslie’s teaching and supervision that has further prepared Elise to counsel and coach women to be able to steward their life well with clarity, purpose, and direction, and to be the best version of themselves in the midst of very difficult and destructive relationships. When Elise is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband of 39 years. She also loves playing tennis and visiting the lake and beach with her grown children. Best of all she loves spending time with the next generation of strong, brave, and beautiful little women in her life… her three granddaughters!


Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole has been coaching women who feel betrayed since 2012, from all over the world. Through an interactive coaching process, she helps you determine what is important to you, how you want to heal, and without judgment. She looks at what is blocking you from getting there and then together, you will come up with manageable steps to reach your goals. As a coach, she listens, guides you through this healing journey, offers helpful resources, and holds you accountable. Jennifer has extensive training and has served on the Board of directors for the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS). She is an Energy Leadership Index:tm:️ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and is also a mom, Canadian, entrepreneur, Grammy, daughter, sister, Christian, aunt, friend, and wife of a recovered sex addict and intimacy anorexic. Jennifer’s life experience, completion of a 12-step program for partners of sexual addicts and intimacy anorexics, facilitation skills, 25 years of nursing, coaching certifications, and her values of trust, peace, and healthy marriage enable her to be as authentic and gentle as you go through this healing journey together.


LeAnne Parsons

LeAnne is a Professional Certified and Credentialed Coach (PCC) through the ICF, a CORE Wellbeing Specialist, as well as a TBRI Practitioner. LeAnne offers a transparent voice that offers struggling families assistance without judgment, empathy with hope and a voice that says, “Healthy connections are possible.” As the creator of Legacy Now Lived, a unique coaching program, her strength and passion centers around empowering women as they connect to and embrace their stories, navigate their core relationships, and connect honestly and authentically with those they love. Her work provides insight and encouragement to the world, challenging others to walk into their relationships with confidence and validation instead of running from them in despair and distrust. When LeAnne is not coaching or speaking, she enjoys playing Pickleball, Land and Water Fitness, spending time in the beautiful outdoors while hiking and exploring new territory with friends and family, and celebrating every sunrise and sunset.

Susan King

Susan’s mission is to help women achieve their desired life goals by valuing their experiences, listening to their perspectives and by helping them recognize their strengths. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, is licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy, has completed the accreditation process through Integrative Enneagram Solutions, and in 2017 joined the Equip group. Because of her training, she understands how the systems surrounding her clients can affect their overall health. Unhealthy patterns and destructive relationships cause damage and confusion, often drawing people away from who God is calling them to be. She believes that great healing can come from being in safe relationships. As a result of her experience, Susan has a passion for helping each individual connect with God, release deficient ideas and patterns, and stretch toward fullest potential by realizing their best authentic self.