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The CONQUER Membership is a private group designed to help women in destructive marriages discover newfound growth

At Leslie Vernick & Co., we understand that being in a family structure or marriage that is destructive and unhealthy is one of the most challenging situations we face on this side of heaven.

CONQUER Membership

We understand what you're going through. While the specifics of your unique circumstance may be yours and yours alone, YOU are not alone.

If you're...

  • trying harder to be the perfect wife in order to fix your marriage
  • feeling depleted and scared because your husband mistreats or ignores you
  • allowing another person to define your worth and value
    then it's time for a change.

Hundreds of women have gone before you - seeking biblical truth in complicated, often devastating relationships.

And CONQUER is designed for you, too.

You're invited to stop suffering in silence and reclaim your life.

What's Included

Monthly Teaching Videos

Receive a short video teaching each month to help you grow and heal.

Monthly Zoom Group Meetings

Join two 90-minute Zoom Group Meetings each month to "ask specific questions, share your challenges and work through" new tools. 

Video Library

Enjoy unlimited access to more than 100 teaching videos that cannot be found on YouTube or our site.

Online Community

Share safely in our secret online community and get the support you need anytime, day or night. 

Change begins here.

Too many women in destructive marriages suffer in silence and isolation

When you join CONQUER, you'll discover:

  • How to set good boundaries
  • Why marriage counseling may do more harm to destructive marriages
  • How and when to speak up for yourself
  • The truth about trying to "fix" him

CONQUER is effective for women because:

  • You receive Biblical truth
  • You gain access to a safe community environment
  • You learn practical tools developed by Leslie Vernick in her 35 years as a therapist

CONQUER is only open to the public 2 times a year, in the Spring and Fall, to ensure that our community is a safe space for women to connect and grow.

The doors to CONQUER open again in:


You are not alone


I’ve learned I can make it on my own if I have to and can make choices and feel good even if my husband disapproves. His disapproval no longer defines me.


I am a 43-year-old mother of 2 wonderful kids. I have been married for 16 years and going through a divorce. It took a long time to realize I can't change my husband and the only power I had was to change myself. 

I am getting stronger — and with your help, Leslie — I have been able to make a decision that has brought me peace. Thank you for the wonderful work you have and are doing through CONQUER! I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU! 


I've learned to see the difference from what I used to think the Bible said to what Jesus and the Bible really say about suffering, abuse, injustice and oppression.