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I Need Help. He Won’t Change and Now My Sons Are Mimicking Him.

By Leslie Vernick | July 17, 2024 |

Morning friend, Alaska is a beautiful state. The weather was wonderful, with no rain, and fairly warm. I got to see whales, sea otters, sea lions, bears, and eagles. God’s creation is magnificent. I would never want to live there, but it’s an amazing place to visit. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Question: I have been in…

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Do-Re-Mi Your Way to Healthier Relationships This Summer

By LeAnne Parsons | July 10, 2024 |

Hello Friends, I recently had the joy of watching a live production of my favorite musical The Sound of Music, and it was an absolute delight. One moment that really stuck with me was the iconic lesson from the song “Do-Re-Mi”: “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.” Just like learning to sing by beginning…

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How Do I Talk to Others About My Husband’s Covert, Passive-Aggressive Narcissism?

By Susan King | July 3, 2024 |

Hello dear friends of LV&Co! I am grateful for all of you who continue to read, ask questions, and comment. I pray this July finds you well. As the summer weather and the political climate continues to heat up, join me in prayer for all to be safe and God’s will to prevail in our hearts. This month, I challenge…

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Is It Wrong to Be Compassionate Towards Your Own Self?

By Leslie Vernick | June 26, 2024 |

Morning friend, I am on a cruise in Alaska speaking for the American Association of Christian Counselors. This Arizona girl hates the cold, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I bought some of those little foot and hand warmer packets and I will activate them to keep warm. I’ll send a picture for next week’s blog. Questions: I love…

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What Are Acceptable Dealbreakers?

By Leslie Vernick | June 19, 2024 |

Morning Friend, We just finished our Try Me week of coaching around Moving Beyond Insecurity. It was a huge success, and many women shared amazing takeaways and life-changing insights. For the summer we are opening a brand new flexible coaching program for six weeks (starting the week of July 8) around the topic of Unhealthy People Pleasing. If you are…

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Discernment vs. Indifference: Understanding Your Heart in Relationships

By LeAnne Parsons | June 12, 2024 |

Hello Friends, As the summer months unfold, I find myself reflecting on the beauty and freedom this season brings. There’s a special joy in watching my grandchildren celebrate the end of the school year, their laughter and excitement filling the air with a sense of unbridled possibility. This sense of freedom, the ability to simply ‘be,’ is something I long…

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Guard Your Heart By Detaching From Destructive People

By Susan King | June 5, 2024 |

Hello, my Friends! It is a busy time as the school year comes to a close. I live near an elementary school where the children just experienced their last day. From my patio, I could hear hooping and hollering, the sounds of kazoos, and the screams of delight. There is a freedom to summer that children seem to long for.…

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He’s Intimacy Anorexic. Is There Anything I Can Do?

By Leslie Vernick | May 29, 2024 |

Morning friend, Do you struggle with the feeling of never being enough? I’ve battled thoughts like “I’m not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, talented enough, spiritual enough, wise enough”… you get the gist. If you identify with this not good enough feeling of insecurity and find yourself always comparing yourself to others and coming up short, you will want…

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Would I Be a Fool to Reconcile?

By Leslie Vernick | May 22, 2024 |

Morning friend, we are going to start an amazing weeklong coaching challenge in June. It’s called Moving Beyond Insecurity. I’ve struggled with insecurity and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who didn’t. What does it take to move beyond it and grow into a secure, strong woman who stops comparing herself to others? Who is able to…

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