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Biblically-based resources and virtual coaching for women in unhealthy and destructive marriages


you are seen


you are heard


you are valued


Are you scared, lonely, or
confused in your marriage?

Many women find their marriage is
unbalanced: he's the taker, you're the giver.

You're treated like an object to use, not a
person to love.

You lack support from your church

You've lost your voice.

You've lost yourself.

We believe God wants you to live with safety, security, and emotional strength - whether your spouse changes or not.

Learn to navigate an unhealthy or destructive marriage



We've got you covered with a variety of resources: download the Quick Start Guide or get a copy of Leslie's books. You can get the help you need at your own pace in the privacy of your home.


CONQUER Community

Twice each year we open up our private CONQUER membership program - a confidential and secure online group to take your journey to a new level with Leslie and the team walking alongside you.


Coaching Programs

We offer individual coaching as well as group coaching if you are looking to grow deeper and apply what you are learning to real life situations.

We understand unhealthy relationships
can make you feel hopeless, confused, and stuck.


Leslie knows these issues personally. Growing up in a broken home, Leslie set out to discover what the Bible had to say about honoring a parent who was behaving dishonorably and how to navigate Biblical boundaries.

For more than 35 years, Leslie has worked as a biblical counselor and licensed clinical social worker. During this time, she has maintained a private counseling practice helping individuals and couples in destructive marriages.

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Find a community
you can trust

Connect with other women who have been where you are, and learn to experience newfound growth, even if he doesn’t change.

Our Promises

Grow in courage, confidence, and awareness.

Our ultimate goal is to help you see your God-given value as a person and remind you of your worth in Christ. You are more valuable than the roles you play or what your husband says you are. You are God’s girl. You are precious and loved.

We keep it confidential.

The CONQUER membership and group coaching programs provide a secure, private platform for you to connect and share with other Christian women in destructive marriages. We prioritize confidentiality and security, because you don’t need one more thing to worry about.

Support you can count on from a community you can trust.

Enter a safe space to connect with other women who listen and provide godly community as you navigate your next steps in your marriage. These women have been where you are and will walk alongside you.

God-centered wisdom.

The truth is God does not care more about the sanctity of marriage than the people in the marriage. Abuse is not a marriage problem. Abuse is a personal sin problem that must be addressed individually. Love doesn't make excuses for abusive behavior.

You are not alone

Cora l.

Understanding the manipulation and emotionally destructive, abusive behavior was such an eye-opener. The truth that the lies my husband was telling me were not nearly as destructive as the lies I was telling myself was life-changing. I realized that I continued to accept his lies because I wanted to believe them. I finally began to face the reality of the situation.

Tasha C.

I was a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, but above all, I was lonely, scared, angry and desperate. I was hiding behind layers of masks. After reading Leslie Vernick's book ‘Emotionally Destructive Relationship,' I searched her site and discovered [her credentials].

I look back and know that it was divine intervention. God knew that I needed someone like Leslie [and her team] who would walk me through the chaotic mess to a place of understanding my true identity so that I could experience peace and freedom.

Sara L.

Leslie has a gift of asking the right questions and pinpointing ‘twisted thinking.' Much of my thought process stemmed from childhood and was made worse with an emotionally abusive man. She coached me and coaxed me to find out what was keeping me stuck.By the time we finished our first ‘phone session,' I had a new key to life and who I was!

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