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Finding freedom to become all God made you to be

At Leslie Vernick & Co., we understand that being in a family structure or marriage that is destructive and unhealthy is one of the most challenging situations we face on this side of heaven.

Our Coaches

Working with a coach can help you achieve more clarity, greater confidence, better direction, and accountability to reach your desired goals through one-on-one conversations.

If you're ready to:

  • Move beyond feeling stuck
  • Enter into the wholeness God has given you
  • Practice Biblical life skills that will help you challenge negative thinking and make space for more healthy and loving relationships
  • Become more compassionate towards yourself and others
  • Find the courage to take new risks
  • Gain confidence to speak your thoughts and feelings constructively
  • Deepen your relationship with God and others

Choose from our 3- and 6-month coaching programs

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new profession. The practice has grown significantly since the 1980's as more and more people recognize its value. It is not covered by medical insurance as counseling sometimes is.

In order to understand coaching, it can be helpful to think about a sports coach. A sports coach helps players gain the skills they need to enhance their performance. The coach also provides encouragement, accountability, and structure so that the athlete develops to his or her fullest potential.

In the same way, personal coaches and relationship coaches work with people who want to enhance their current life but lack the specific skills they need to make it happen. They may be stuck and not able to get the progress they want. They need accountability and structure in order to get results.

Coaching is not counseling

  • Counseling focuses on feelings while coaching focuses on action.
  • Counseling often focuses on the question “Why?” while coaches focus on the question “How?”
  • Counseling focuses on the past and what happened to you. Coaching focuses on the present and future. What are you going to do with what happens to you?
  • Counseling focuses on weaknesses and deficits while coaching’s emphasis is on strengths and assets.

Despite these differences, many counselors see the value of incorporating coaching into their practice (as they may already do some of this with their counseling clients).

Hiring a coach will not address deep mental health issues, but will help you to become all that God has called you to be.

Sometimes when there is an overlap, a coach that is also a counselor can help someone through a short bump in the road, but if the client becomes emotionally unstable, overwhelmed, depressed, or unable to function, he/she is referred to a counselor. That doesn’t mean the coaching can’t continue, but the coach doesn’t do the counseling. You may choose to work with both a coach and a counselor, or you may choose to do counseling before you come back to your coach.

Get started with no obligation. Submit an inquiry to see if coaching is a good fit for you.

My team looks forward to exploring your coaching options with you so you can be on the road to more clarity, happiness, and fulfillment!

Coaches are action-oriented

Coaches come alongside someone who wants to change and grow. They aren’t necessarily dealing with someone’s past issues or something that is “wrong.” Rather they focus on what impedes someone’s progress to move forward. Most coaches are not counselors but have been trained in the process of helping that person move toward the desired result.


Leslie has a gift of asking the right questions and pinpointing ''twisted thinking''. Much of my thought process stemmed from childhood and was made worse with an emotionally abusive man. She coached me and coaxed me to find out what was keeping me stuck.

By the time we finished our first ''phone session'' I had a new key to life and who I was!

- J.T.

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