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Do I dishonor God if I initiate a legal separation because of my husband’s refusal to take his medication?

By Leslie Vernick | November 9, 2009 |

Question: I am a stay at home mom of two young children. I have been married for over 12 years to a spouse who developed late onset schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. He claims to be healed and he no longer will take his medication. He says he feels great and is no longer plagued with condemning thoughts but from…

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How do I find a Christian counselor?

By Leslie Vernick | November 2, 2009 |

Question: I have had a couple of bad counseling experiences. I’d like to find a good Christian counselor but have no idea how to go about it. Any suggestions? Answer: Probably the most frequent question I’m asked on my website is whether I know a competent Christian counselor in a particular geographic area that I can recommend. Finding someone who…

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My husband is pressuring me to have another baby

By Leslie Vernick | October 26, 2009 |

Question: My husband desperately wants us to have another baby (we already have three children under the age of eight). While I love being a mom, I feel our family is complete, and I don’t want to try for a fourth. I’m getting older, and our finances are stretched as is. We argue over this – and it’s affecting our…

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How Do I Talk About My Ex-Husband With the Kids?

By Leslie Vernick | October 19, 2009 |

Question: I left my ex-husband 10 years ago because of his abusive behavior toward myself and my oldest child. The children have had to maintain court-ordered relationship with him. My son was older and he has been able to maintain his dad at a safe distance. Our daughter was always his little princess. She has no memory of the abuse…

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Help, I crave female attention

By Leslie Vernick | October 12, 2009 |

Question: I struggle greatly with craving female affection and approval, especially romantic and sexual affection. I crave being prized by a woman in those ways. To have that means I am a worthy man. To not have it means I am nothing. I understand that this is idolatry, but I really don’t know how to overcome it at all. How…

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How Can I Know God’s Will?

By Leslie Vernick | October 5, 2009 |

This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I’ve written another blog on it if you’d like to have a Biblical Response to Domestic Violence check out My book Lord, I Just Want to be Happy has been released. TODAY (Monday October 5, 2009), there is a ½ price special on my website at www.cart.leslievernick/category/books/ You can purchase the book…

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I’m in a lose/lose situation between my husband and daughter. Help!

By Leslie Vernick | September 28, 2009 |

I’m sorry everyone that I missed blogging last week. I had just returned from a week long conference at the American Association of Christian Counselors and just needed a day to rest before starting my counseling week. I’m trying to put into practice some of my own advice in my new book, Lord, I Just Want to be Happy, which…

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My sister is in an abusive marriage. How can I help her?

By Leslie Vernick | September 14, 2009 |

Question: My sister is in an abusive marriage and I just don’t know how to help her. I see the toll it’s taken on her and the kids but she doesn’t want to leave him. What is my role here? Answer: There is no more helpless feeling than to stand by and watch someone make decisions that you know are…

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I feel guilty when I set boundaries with my parents

By Leslie Vernick | September 7, 2009 |

Happy Labor Day! I need some help. I’m looking for a very special group of people called Influencers who would be willing to read my new book, Lord I Just Want to be Happy within 30 days after receiving it. After you read it, if you like it, I’m asking you to pass it on to someone else and spread…

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