Are you ready to...

  • Gain greater clarity on your life’s difficulties and how to handle them from God’s perspective?

  • Develop deeper closeness and connection with God?
  • Learn to live from your CORE instead of your emotions?

Even if you don’t quite feel ready to make changes you know you’re in pain and your marriage or other significant relationship isn’t working. You’re scared, you’re confused and you know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. Please don’t do that. This year can be different.



"Leslie Vernick is not a good coach, counselor, and spiritual advisor.....she is stellar. I came to Leslie needing help with my relationship with my husband. I felt isolated, confused, and somewhat hopeless. Leslie provided me with a compass when I needed direction and gave me a road map to help me find my way. I will be forever grateful for her handling me and my marriage with great care. She left me inspired lifted up and hope filled. No matter where my compass takes me and what direction I take, I now know God has His arms wrapped around me."


— Marie V.  a 35 year old professional
woman in a destructive marriage



Like Marie, you don’t have to tackle your problems all by yourself.  Sometimes we just can’t do it alone. We need the support of like-minded people to help us take the next step.


Over the past 30 years I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of women and men who want to get whole, holy and healthy….and I know how to help you.  I created this group experience for those who were hesitant to commit fully to one-on-one coaching because either they weren’t sure they were fully ready to make the changes or they didn’t feel they could afford it. 


Walking in CORE Strength is my brand new three (3) month group coaching program.  This program is designed to help you: 

  • Walk in the truth rather than in fear or resentment.
  • Confidently know and speak your own thoughts and feelings in a constructive way – even when you’re angry.
  • Take new risks, even when you feel afraid.
  • Implement strategic consequences for destructive behaviors when talking doesn’t work.
  • Invite your partner into healthy change, so that destructive patterns may be broken.


If you are a woman who is sick of staying silent, placating and pretending in your most significant relationships but aren’t quite sure how to make changes in a God-honoring way this group is for you.  It will give the tools, the support, and the steps to make those changes. 



"Coaching with Leslie helped me recognize and replace my old destructive relational habits with healthy new ways to approach my spouse.  Now I’m beginning to live and relate from my CORE, a place that keeps me focused on the LORD and is so strong to rescue me from feeling like I’m drowning in my circumstances and emotions.  Now my marriage is on a renewed and better track.  I can definitely see a positive turn in my attitude and this, by the grace of God, has invited my spouse to begin to relate to me differently too; the LORD is at work!  Leslie’s approach was both practical and spiritual.  She provided scripture to bolster me along the way and her suggestions were right on target to help.  To anyone wanting to escape the burden of a repetitious harmful behaviors in life I would recommend, without reservation, Leslie as a coach!"


— A 55 year old woman in a difficult marriage




"Coaching with Leslie was a gift from God.  Through our work together, I learned to develop a closer relationship with God, developed skills to manage my emotions, and came to accept and like myself the way God created me.  My everyday life has changed, and I am so much happier.  Thank you, Leslie.  I look forward to working with you again!"


A single woman learning to build healthy relationships




"Leslie gave me:

  • Godly wisdom about my situation
  • Strategies to be safe and sane
  • Ways to respond differently
  • Bi-monthly goals
  • Accountability

I now have a plan and hope."


A forty year old women in a destructive second marriage.



This group will begin on Tuesday, February 11th and meet twice a month, for 60 minutes on the second (2nd) and forth (4th) Tuesday of every month at 8:00 pm ET.

Walking in CORE Strength will be interactive and personal.  Each person will have an opportunity to submit personal questions and goals on a private on-line forum and as a group we will support you take your first steps or your next steps toward positive, godly change.

Each session will involve some teaching steps on the goals you have set as well as interactive participation and question and answer time.  We will use a phone conference line so that you have complete privacy and confidentiality


Your commitment to be a part of this group is a minimum of 3 months, (6 sessions).


Members of this Program Enjoy:


Two (2) 60 minute LIVE group phone calls per month, with special attention to personal application of CORE strength in your particular situation.

MP3 Audio File

A recording of each call which will be sent to you the day after our group coaching session.


An invitation to a private on-line forum exclusive to this group so that we can support each other during the week.

Session Handout

Regular homework assignments and handouts to take you to the next step of personal and relational growth.


Exclusive access to teaching videos and articles that are only available for Leslie’s coaching clients.  


An automatic 25% discount on ALL of the product and tools in my store.


Your cost to join is $97 per month, for a minimum 3 months.  After that time if you choose to end your participation in the group, simply give a 30 day-notice and your group membership will be terminated.

If you were to sign up for 3 months of private one-on-one coaching with me for 60 minutes per session, the total cost would be over $1,100. 

Your total cost for this group coaching program is only $290.  

Plus, you get the added benefit of sharing your journey and learning from the experiences of other women in the group.


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EXTRA BONUS IF YOU SIGN UP IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. A sterling silver charm inscribed with the word COURAGE, designed by Susan Michel who has lost her eyesight. Susan inspires us to face our obstacles and challenges with courage. BONUS HAS EXPIRED!


Spaces are limited, so register soon. Coaching fees are non-refundable.