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July 5th, 2016                                                                           
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Stop Asking The Universe For Help

By Leslie Vernick


Last night I woke up in a panic about some things going on in my life.  My first impulse was to pray, which was a victory because my usual default mode is to worry.


As I began to pray I was struck with the wonderful reality of a personal God. Someone who I can pray to, who gladly hears my night terrors, my worry list, my insecurities, doubts, and feelings of overwhelm.  


Today we often hear people use the term “the Universe” to reference a cosmic benevolent force out there somewhere who will bring you what you need in the moment.  I’m glad I don’t have to pray to the Universe.  I talk to my Father who is in Heaven. His name is holy.


One of the most freeing lines in the prayer Jesus taught his followers to say is, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).  


Frankly, most of the time I don’t know how to pray.  If I pray for this good thing to happen or this bad thing to go away, is that what’s best?  Is that what I or my loved ones need the most?


I have learned that there are just as many temptations and distractions in experiencing the good things in life as with the bad things. When life is good I’m tempted toward pride, and self-sufficiency, sluggishness in prayer and lack devotion to God.  I’m distracted by pleasure and comfort and opportunity and I’m not always conscious that my heart has lost its first love.


I have also learned that there are treasures in darkness. When trials and troubles abound, I am riveted to prayer. I feel helpless and humble and small. I am very aware of my need for God’s help, both in my inner life and my outer life. Even in the darkest moments he teaches me to “fear no evil” for his presence is with me. These lessons I would never learn in the light or when things are going well.   


To surrender the outcome of my prayers and petitions to God’s will is comforting.  I don’t know what’s best in the moment or for the situation but he does and I can rest in his sovereignty to bring that about.


So friend, I hope you don’t talk to Mr. or Ms. Universe whoever that is, but you have a personal relationship with a living, loving God who invites you to call him Abba, Daddy (Romans 8:15).


Stuck In Guilt And Regret 
Question: I have been divorced for over ten years. My husband is re-married. I am having trouble with the guilt I feel for not handling the marriage well and not learning the things you recommended. How do I live day by day, knowing that in many ways I failed?


Answer: My heart goes out to you. I hear the pain you feel in your short question. It’s tempting to look backward in life, rehearsing past mistakes and regretting past failures. We all have them.


But I want you to understand this important truth. No one, except Jesus, gets through life without failures and regrets. The Old Testament patriarch Abraham had them, Moses had them, King David had them, the disciple Peter had them, and the apostle Paul had them. Therefore, you are in good company. The real question I need to help you with is how to get beyond regret and guilt so that you can live life more fully today and tomorrow instead of living with the past in front and center in your mind.


First, let me commend you for already starting the change. You asked how do I live now in light of my failures and mistakes? That’s a crucial question because how you answer it can propel you out of self-hatred and/or self-pity and into an entirely different mindset.

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Stop Asking The Universe For Help


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Stuck In Guilt And Regret

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Looking Up Instead Of Looking Inside

Leslie Vernick


How do you answer the question: “Who am I?” Do you base your self image on your successes, failures, acceptance, and/or rejections by others? Most of us do, but when we base our value and worth on external sources rather than what God says, our self-image will shift like sand, leading to an unstable and anxious sense of who we are.


Experienced counselor and author Leslie Vernick shares that the answer to healing a negative self-image and low self-esteem is not in trying harder, gaining more popularity, being more productive, having more possessions, securing more power, having a coveted position, or in achieving perfection.


A healthy sense of self doesn’t happen by focusing on self at all. Instead a healthy self-image combines the security of knowing God’s love with the humility that comes from knowing ourselves and how much we need Christ. 

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I have grown so much in the the 9 months since joining Conquer. Learning better how to communicate with my destructive spouse, living in reality and accepting reality, and making difficult decisions based on guidance from the Holy Spirit are just to name a few.  The length of the videos and handouts are perfect. They don't take too long and I find myself going back to them when my fears change or when I may be feeling shame and condemnation again.  


The phone calls are helpful, even when I just listen to the recording. I find value in hearing Leslie's advice to someone else in the same situation as me. I love the Facebook page. It is filled with supportive women all in different places in their life. All just trying to honor God and provide love and constructive feedback.   have a wonderful counselor now but this group has done more for me than even one on one counseling.  Thanks so much for all that you do!


– Holly



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