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December 22nd 2015                                                                                
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Do You Need Some GOOD News?

By Leslie Vernick

When was the last time you got some really good news? I mean news that made your heart sing. Maybe it was some recent report from your doctor who told you, “Your tumor is benign or the cancer is gone.”


Perhaps the good news came from your boss. He said, “Our company has done well this year and there’s a nice Christmas bonus for everyone.”


Or maybe your adult child just blessed you with the news that you’re going to be a grandparent.


We especially love hearing good news when we personally benefit. Imagine for a minute what emotions you would experience if you received a phone call today congratulating you that you were the new winner of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes worth $10 Million dollars. Joy? Happiness? Gratitude? Excitement? But you’d only feel that excitement if you believed the caller was telling you the truth.  


Yes, good news feels wonderful. It’s supposed to. Then why for so many people does Christmas feel stressful, ho-hum and even blah?


In a few days Christians worldwide will celebrate the birth of Christ. But often the weeks leading up to that day, our mind and heart is on everything but Jesus.


Most of us are not resting in the Presence because we’re too busy getting ready, cooking, cleaning, and buying and wrapping presents. 


For just a moment today, press pause with me and let’s recall the familiar Christmas story. The scriptures tell us that a special angel filled with the glory of God came to tell the shepherds the good news.


The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I have something to tell you. I have good news, news so unbelievably amazing it will knock your socks (or sandals) off.”


“You don’t know him yet, but we know him. His name is Jesus and He is the very Son of God. He is coming down to earth to be with you and show you what God is like. He has been born a baby, and He will save people from their brokenness, their sinfulness and their emptiness. This will bring you great joy.”


Jesus is here. Emmanuel, God with us.  Indeed, this is good news – but only if we believe it.


Christmas isn’t just about December 25th. Christmas is God’s good news, breaking into human history to set the captives free. It is good news for every day, not just Christmas day. 


Christmas isn’t about presents but about Presence – God in human form.


Christmas isn’t about trees and gifts and carols and special cookies. Christmas is about God. Emmanuel, God with us. He sent Jesus so that we might know what God is like.


Spend a few minutes today pondering John’s description of this miracle when he says,


“So the Lord became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness……..No one has ever seen God. But the one and only Son is himself God and is near to the Father’s heart. He has revealed God to us” (John 1:14,18).


The more we are filled with Him, the more our heart is at peace, at rest, in love and filled with joy.


Have a joy-filled Christmas embracing your Good News!

Is There A Place For Judging?
Question: You talk about putting consequences in place so as to not enable one’s spouse. You teach about not repaying evil for evil. I try very hard to not respond in a negative way when I am wronged.

Also, I examine myself to see if I am becoming bitter, which I don’t think I am. But I find myself wanting God to judge my spouse for what he does. Is this Biblically wrong? In a number of Psalms we see the psalmist praying for justice and punishment.

Answer: This is a tricky question because I think you struggle with what we all struggle with when we are wronged. I am so glad that you are aware that you are tempted to respond with more evil but you don’t want to. And you are also examining yourself for roots of bitterness, which you know give the devil a foothold.

So let’s really focus on the whole idea of judging because I think that’s the lynchpin of what you are asking.

God is the only true judge because he knows everyone’s heart and we do not (tweet that).

Therefore I see nothing unbiblical about praying for God’s justice, punishment or even just judgment on someone.

The tricky part comes in when we act as if we are the judge. That’s where I think we get into unbiblical territory. In some ways, we are called to judge a believer by his or her fruit. We are not to simply believe someone’s words if his or her actions are inconsistent with those words, but I would use the term discernment more than judge in these cases.
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Do You Need Some Good News?


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Is There A Place For Judging?
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Leslie helped me to see where there is truth.  I also brought up other personal challenges I was going through and due to experiences in my marriage, I expected to be judged or criticized.  Instead, she was very supportive and non-judgmental and in turn helped me to not be so judgmental on myself. She has helped me through a very dark place in my life and I’m very grateful!”

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