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Stop Suffering in Silence and

Reclaim your Life


Join thousands of women who faced the fear of change with courage and dignity.

When you feel scared, powerless, depleted, and devalued…it's time for real change! It's time to choose to CONQUER™ your fear and live in truth and confidence.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Trying harder to be the perfect wife won't fix your marriage.

Continuing to get depleted and scared because your husband ignores or mistreats you is unhealthy. It is not what God wants for your life.

Allowing another human being to define your worth and value is plain wrong.

It's Time for a Change...

and the ONLY Person You Can Change is YOU!

If you want change, it starts by being courageously honest with yourself and what's happening in your marriage.

Are you ready to respect and value YOU?

Are you ready to discover the YOU God made you to be?

Are you ready to know and trust God's love for you, so you can stand strong in it?

Are you ready to do your own work instead of trying to fix or change your spouse?


and finally know exactly what path you need to take to reclaim your voice, invite your man into healthy change, and please and glorify God!

The Leslie Vernick Team is Here For You.

Hi, I'm Leslie Vernick,

and I created a private membership called CONQUER™ for Christian women in destructive relationships. Too often, well-meaning pastors and people-helpers, the ones we go to for help, do a lot more harm than good.

That's why I created CONQUER™, a private membership group for Christian women, who are being harmed physically, financially, sexually, or emotionally by their husbands.

Leslie pic

Leslie Vernick
Author of 7 books


What I've discovered is that Christian women in destructive marriages have a common problem - and it's suffering in silence and isolation.

No one knows what your life is like at home. Sometimes you are so good at pretending and keeping the peace, even your own children would be shocked to know the truth…

I speak nationally and internationally on relationships and recently participated in the Church Cares initiative which has created curriculum for educating churches on how to handle abuse.

I've been featured on Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, and Divorce Care.


But my real journey began just like yours…

I was in an emotionally destructive relationship. It wasn't with my spouse, but with my own mother. Even as a Christian (even as a Christian counselor) I didn't know how to have a conversation with her that didn't cause me to react, get defensive, shut down, or feel my value and worth skewered with her harsh and demeaning words.

Do I just pretend? Stay silent? Forget what she says or does that harms me?

Does forgiveness mean I have to trust her, reconcile with her, or invite her to my wedding?

And what does it mean biblically to honor my mother, turn the other cheek, speak the truth in love, and allow someone to reap what she sows?

Does grace eliminate all negative consequences of someone's destructive behavior?

No one in the Christian counseling field was talking about this, or even thinking about this 40 years ago!

So I had my own work to do...
I realized I couldn't change my mother (believe me, I tried). But I could stop living in fear, silence, resentment, and pain. I could dig deep and figure out what the Bible really had to say about how relationships work and how they're damaged (and most importantly, what God's roadmap for repair looks like - and it's not what you've been taught).

Since that time, I have helped thousands of women find their voices and get strong so they can courageously invite their spouse into healthy change.

No more pretending that everything is fine when it's not.
No more suffering in silence.

A good wife isn't a passive enabler of evil. She is a courageous warrior and she speaks truth with grace so that destructive patterns can be broken.

That's why you need to decide to stop isolating. That's why you need to put yourself in a group of like-minded women who can help you get clear, safe, and strong while still being aligned with your Christian values and beliefs.

In CONQUER™, you'll find a safe community of women like yourself, but who have now identified the lies they have believed (and been told) as well as what God really says about abuse in marriage.

In CONQUER™ you will discover:

How to set good boundaries

Why marriage counseling doesn't work in destructive marriages and can even cause more harm

Why it's a bad idea to give your husband a list of desired changes necessary for reconciliation

How and when to speak up for yourself

How to have your own goals and develop into the woman God calls you to be

How to discern what you need to work on personally

The truth about trying to 'fix' him

How to make good (not perfect) decisions for you

"I've tried other self-help groups and been disappointed. What makes CONQUER™ different?"

Lysa TerKeurst

"One of the most important decisions to make when you’re walking through relational trauma is to not go through it alone. If you are in a destructive marriage, I wholeheartedly recommend joining CONQUER. Led by my friend, Leslie Vernick, Conquer gives you a Biblically wise path forward with the support of others who understand what you’re going through. Get the help you need from people you can trust."

Lysa TerKeurst

"I've learned to think clearly. I have biblical truth and confidence in the Lord. I've stopped shaming myself and am no longer guilt- ridden for saying 'no' to my husband's abuse."

- Christy

CONQUER™ Offers Christian Women in Destructive Relationships the Support and Godly Wisdom Needed to Make the Changes to Both Heal and Grow.

The Core Ingredients That Make Conquer™ Effective For Women:

Biblical Truth, offered within a

Safe Community Environment, combined with

Practical Tools developed by me as a therapist over the past 35 years

How Conquer™ Can Transform your Life:

Learn JADE so you will no longer participate in gaslighting, crazymaking conversations.

Know God's love so that you are strong and stable, even if your husband doesn't love you.

Gain specific Biblical wisdom so that you can determine your next right steps forward.

Develop your CORE strength so that you are no longer reactive but respond appropriately by stewarding you and your children's lives and future.

God Values Your Safety and Sanity

If you feel lost, powerless, and scared… CONQUER™ is the perfect place to share and learn with hundreds of other women who are discovering how to face their own personal inner limitations and make important changes that successfully move them from:

Confusion and 'crazy-making' to CLARITY on God's truth and their situation

Fear and anxiety to COURAGE for taking the necessary steps toward safety

Having 'no voice' or 'no choice' to an unshakeable CONFIDENCE that God doesn't expect them to be a willing victim of continued abuse

Isolation to COMMUNITY and CONNECTION because we grow stronger together

God has used me to be an advocate for Christian women in destructive and abusive marriages all over the world.

CONQUER™ is about helping you see this whole dynamic differently.

CONQUER™ equips you to speak up for yourself and speak out for other victims of abuse.

CONQUER™ says NO MORE because God says it's wrong and evil to participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness.



Sick and tired of being stuck and feeling  helpless and afraid

Don't like who you are becoming in this  destructive marriage

Ready to grow and become all that God has for you

Ready to invest in your own self for a change (and no it is not selfish to take good care of YOU)


A man. Sorry, I know there are men in  destructive marriages, but CONQUER™ is for women only

NOT ready to roll up your sleeves and start doing your work to heal, change, and grow

NOT ready to stop blaming everyone else for how miserable you feel (I know it's  tempting, but CONQUER™ wants to move you from that place)

NOT interested in discovering godly wisdom and biblical truth

I Love Hearing How CONQUER™ Has Empowered Women!

"I've learned to think clearly. I have biblical truth and confidence in the Lord. I've stopped shaming myself and am no longer guilt- ridden for saying 'no' to my husband's abuse."

- Christy

"I've learned I can make it on my own if I have to and can make choices and feel good even if my husband disapproves. His disapproval no longer defines me."


I don't want the next generation to repeat the same mistake in thinking that God somehow cares more about the sanctity of marriage than He cares about your children's safety - or your safety and sanity.


"After JUST the 1st Conquer call … I began to feel brave in who God made me to be. I began to feel my real worth."

"Conquer helped me see what healthy looks like and what was my part and more importantly, what is NOT my part. I feel so much clarity."

"I KNEW I had to be part of this group … these women have come to my rescue and my life has changed because of Conquer."

I want to give you biblical and practical tools to get healthier and live with more peace. As you grow, I want you to understand what steps to take next.

I want you to be strong and confident in your decision-making, even if you have felt belittled in the past for choices you've made.

I want to help you be able to trust again after feeling betrayed by those who are supposed to care for you.

I want to help you CONQUER™ the lies and begin to heal!

"Before CONQUER, I was becoming physically sick from many years in a destructive marriage. I had been badly manipulated for years and was living in a cloud of confusion and false guilt under the guise of being a "good submissive wife". After a year of CONQUER, I'm proud to say that I'm a brand new healthy and confident woman. I went from being a marriage-centered woman to being a God-centered woman. There is no doubt that Leslie and the CONQUER group's care and love have sped up my healing and growth tremendously. The impact of CONQUER is life-altering positive change for me, my children, and generations to come!"


"This group has been a blessing from God at the worst time of my life. The support has been phenomenal from women who truly understand what you're going through. The fact that Leslie even responds to Facebook posts is amazing. Leslie's wisdom, compassion, and Christian heart are displayed on each phone call. I am thankful she has made all of this available no matter where you live."


"In Conquer I got a new picture of the woman I'm created to be. My husband always puts me down and he made me feel small and stupid. But even though he hasn't changed, I have. I no longer accept his definition of who I am. I feel stronger and more connected to God than I have in years."



When you join CONQUER™, you will begin with the five-step CONQUER™ Journey that I have personally designed to help you get the help you need - QUICKLY!

Your initial CONQUER™ Journey starts HERE:

Right now you're here: You are Awakening to the destruction in your marriage. It's scary, I know, but it's important to know how to get safe, and that's your next step.

In addition to Safety, your CONQUER™ journey moves you to greater Clarity on what the Bible really says about abuse and marriage.

Once you are getting clear, you will move to Stability. You will learn to walk more consistently in the truth and learn to make good decisions for yourself.

After you're done with Stability you will move to Strength.

Finally, you will gain more Confidence as you come to believe who God says you are, a woman of strength and dignity who can smile at the future, unafraid.

Once you're done with your Conquer™ Journey, a whole new library of videos and teachings will become available to you to help you with your next steps.


When you sign up for CONQUER™, you will be mentored by my team through your CONQUER™ Journey during weekly Zoom Meetings where you can ask questions and meet your new CONQUER™ Sisters.

CONQUER™ is a rare opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of an ongoing support group comprised of other Christian women who truly know what your life is like!

Doors close in:

Now you may be wondering...

I'm concerned about the cost of membership. My husband sets a strict budget and I don't want to make things worse.

Many women have voiced this same concern over the years. That's why I've worked so hard to make your membership in CONQUER™ as affordable as possible - while ensuring your privacy.



No risk. No contract.


$370 Annually

(Get 12 months for
the price of 10!)

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know is This: CONQUER™ Can Help YOU!

Hear from God in a new way

Live from a place of strength and health, not desperation and fear

Get stronger and more confident to stop being victimized again and again

Steer clear of manipulative games and crazy-making conversations

Gain freedom from bitterness and resentment

Honoring your marriage and honoring yourself are not separate ideas. It is possible to do both in a godly way while getting the help you and your children need.

We not only show you how to do this in CONQUER™...we walk you through every step!



Monthly Teaching Videos:
Each month you receive a short teaching video to help you grow and heal. Every video comes with a handout and a transcript so that you can immediately have what need to either STAY well - or LEAVE well.

Monthly Conquer™ Zoom Video Meetings:
My team will host two 90-minute group Zoom Video Meetings per month on a private Zoom meeting room, for CONQUER™ members ONLY! You'll be able to ask me or one of my coaches specific questions or share your challenges as you work with the new tools offered and apply newly learned behaviors within your relationships.

Each CONQUER™ MEMBERS ONLY Zoom session is recorded - you can listen to it as many times as you want.


Special Access to My Conquer™ Video Library:
CONQUER™ members have unlimited access to more than 100 teaching videos on topics important to your growth and healing.

These videos are unique to CONQUER™ and are not available on YouTube or any other site. As a CONQUER™ member, you're invited to suggest potential topics that you would like to see addressed in future videos.

Private Facebook Group for Conquer™ Members Only:
You'll be invited to join our CONQUER™ Support Group on Facebook. This is a private group designed to allow you to safely share and get needed support any time of the day or night.

*** I personally check in and participate on this page several times a week - as do my highly-qualified coaches and CONQUER™ mentors. We also have Stronger Together staff, who address concerns, compile prayer requests and keeps everything running smoothly and safely. ***

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If you're still not convinced that CONQUER™ is for you - I hope that I can convince you of this ONE THING:

God does not care more about the sanctity of marriage than he does about you and your children's safety and sanity.

prayer circle

If you're like so many women of faith who find themselves caught off-guard in destructive marriages, you feel exhausted and just want it to STOP.

You're not looking to punish your spouse - you just want to learn how to protect your emotions and set boundaries for yourself that free you to respond, rather than react.

You just want the confidence, clarity, and strength to be able to walk in truth, with grace and dignity as the woman God says you are.

Let me help you find the clarity, courage, and confidence you've been seeking - TODAY!

Remember, the ONLY Person You Can Change is YOU.

And, Yes, It Can Feel Risky and Scary.

But You Do Not Have to Do It Alone…Nor Should You.

Take me up on my invitation to join CONQUER™.

It's a decision that only you can make.

So, before you do, let me ask you… What do you have to lose?

Another year of fear or isolation?

Another year of pretending and silence?

Another year of neglecting the mind, body, and spirit God has put you in charge of stewarding - namely YOURS?

Sadly, too many Christian women are reluctant to seek help. And, if they do, they are often encouraged to have MORE patience and MORE faith. Frankly, this type of counseling only produces MORE guilt and MORE shame - leading to even MORE abuse over time!

Like you, every member of CONQUER™ has had to confront her feelings, her faith, and her future. That's why you can trust this group to be there for YOU when you need it most.





Don't let a mere mortal rob you of your identity!
Instead, take the important FIRST STEP toward realizing and understanding your true, God-given value today.

Become a CONQUER™ Member Today!


When you join today, you also get access to the 3 Extra Bonuses…

SIX weeks walking together through the first crucial steps of your amazing CONQUER™ journey.

PLUS TWO e-books not available anywhere else.

All in addition to the Monthly Teaching Videos, Monthly CONQUER™ Zoom Meetings, Special Access to My CONQUER™ Video Library, and Secret Facebook Group And All for CONQUER™ Members Only!

Your CONQUER™ Membership and Bonuses are Structured to Help You Get There and Stay There


No risk. No contract.


$370 Annually

(Get 12 months for
the price of 10!)


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$370 paid annually



$370 paid annually

Be Brave. Grow Strong.

** Leslie Vernick is committed to ensuring the highest level of confidentiality for any and all information shared by individuals within her support groups. However, please be advised that in certain situations involving litigation, disclosure of certain information shared in support groups may be required by the court. While Leslie will protect this group to the furthest extent permitted by law, rules of confidentiality and disclosure vary from state to state. For further information, contact a local attorney in your county and state.