COMING SOON! Doors Open In:

Stop Suffering in Silence and

Reclaim your Life


Join thousands of women who faced the fear of change with courage and dignity.

When you feel scared, powerless, depleted, and devalued…it's time for real change! It's time to choose to CONQUER your fear and live in truth and confidence.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Trying harder to be the perfect wife won't fix your marriage.

Continuing to get depleted and scared because your husband ignores or mistreats you is unhealthy. It is not what God wants for your life.

Allowing another human being to define your worth and value is plain wrong.

It's Time for a Change...

and the ONLY Person You Can Change is YOU!

If you want change, it starts by being courageously honest with yourself and what's happening in your marriage.

Are you ready to respect and value YOU?

Are you ready to discover the YOU God made you to be?

Are you ready to know and trust God's love for you, so you can stand strong in it?

Are you ready to do your own work instead of trying to fix or change your spouse?

Conquer Doors Are Opening Soon!!!

In CONQUER, you'll find a safe community of women like yourself, but who have now identified the lies they have believed (and been told) as well as what God really says about abuse in marriage.

In CONQUER you will discover:

How to set good boundaries

Why marriage counseling doesn't work in destructive marriages and can even cause more harm

Why it's a bad idea to give your husband a list of desired changes necessary for reconciliation

How and when to speak up for yourself

How to have your own goals and develop into the woman God calls you to be

How to discern what you need to work on personally

The truth about trying to 'fix' him

How to make good (not perfect) decisions for you