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Feeling Helpless And Hopeless

By Leslie Vernick | January 20, 2021 |

Morning friends, I’m going to be starting a weekly podcast soon. We will be doing guest interviews, I’ll be giving information for women, men, and people helpers about destructive relationship patterns and I’d love to answer some questions like I do here. If you’d like to be a guest on my podcast with a question you have, please let me…

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My Husband’s Wonderful And Toxic. What Do I Do?

By Leslie Vernick | June 10, 2020 |

Morning friends, Our nation is in turmoil. We are grieving, scared, and not sure what the outcome will be. Some of that will depend on our next steps forward. I wrote this essay in response to the George Floyd murder and invite you to read it. Click here to view the post.  Question: I’m married to a wonderful man who…

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Is It Dangerous Enough To Leave?

By Leslie Vernick | February 12, 2020 |

Morning friends, We’ve had a good discussion this week about the issue of safety and whether or not separation or divorce is Biblical. Traditional teaching on this is that a wife should keep her vows no matter what and this honors God the most. I disagree. Glad debated whether or not Cheryl was regularly in danger of being killed, even…

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I’m A Mess, He Won’t Change

By Leslie Vernick | November 6, 2019 |

Morning friends, I just got back from my New Jersey speaking event at Hawthorne Gospel Church. One of the things I love about speaking is when I see the ‘lights go on” in women’s eyes when they realize that they are not as powerless, helpless, or hopeless as they’ve thought. You do have choices. You can change the trajectory of…

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How To Protect My Client From More Abuse During Visitation

By Leslie Vernick | April 17, 2019 |

Morning friends,Thanks for your prayers. It’s been a busy week with my puppy, Addie. I forgot how much work new puppies are. But she’s been a joy to have and she is starting to connect the dots that her potty stuff needs to go outside. Oops, maybe I spoke too soon, another accident this morning. Today’s question comes from a…

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If I Leave It Will Only Get Worse

By Leslie Vernick | May 30, 2018 |

Morning friends, I am so thankful for this community. I hope I get to meet you all at our CONQUER CONFERENCE in October. For a sneak peek at the speakers who will be there, I will be doing five FB Lives next week, one each day. Each day I will be chatting with you and one of the speakers for…

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Consequences or Punishment?

By Leslie Vernick | January 30, 2012 |

Good Monday Morning friends, I’m so excited. We have over 500 people registered for the free webinar on Wednesday night, February 1 at 9PM ET answering the question, Does God Want me to Be Happy? It’s not too late to join us, and we’d love to have you attend. Click here for more information or to register. This week’s question:…

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