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Help My Husband’s Become a Muslim

By Leslie Vernick | December 22, 2021 |

Morning friend, Can you believe Christmas is only a few days away? I’d love to hear your take on my latest newsletter, Bad Girl or Brave Girl. There are times we’ve demonized or blamed strong resourceful women in the Bible (see Vashti’s story in Esther 1). It’s time we read old stories with fresh eyes. Question: I have been reading…

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30 years of Marriage Doing The Same Song Different Verse

By Leslie Vernick | October 5, 2016 |

Morning friends, You should see my house. Boxes everywhere. Piles everywhere. We are having our CONQUER conference VERY SOON and I have two houseguests. I know they will understand but a girl sort of likes her house to look pretty when she has guests. NOT this time. But the good news is we have an amazing turn out for our…

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Can Constantly Arguing About Everything And Anything Be Considered Emotional Abuse

By Leslie Vernick | July 27, 2016 |

Morning friends, I am so excited about our upcoming live CONQUER conference I can hardly wait. We have over 250 women registered and we are still 2 ½ months out. I believe we will sell out. If you’re thinking of attending, don’t wait until there are no openings. Early bird registration will end soon. For more information click here. Today’s…

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Fred and Marie, A Case Study

By Leslie Vernick | July 6, 2016 |

Morning Friends, I’m on vacation this week spending time with my granddaughters so instead of answering a question, I’m going to give you a short 15-minute video to watch and then I’d like you to answer some questions. The video is in French (with subtitles) but a very powerful example of what emotional abuse looks like. Here’s what I want…

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My Husband Was Abused – Now He Is Abusing Me

By Leslie Vernick | February 17, 2016 |

Morning friends, Please pray for me. I have been a bit overwhelmed with all that is on my plate and I’m working hard to juggle it well, but sometimes things fall off. There isn’t one thing that I’m doing that I want to let go of but there just aren’t enough hours in each day to do it all. Please…

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Am I A Magnet For Abusers?

By Leslie Vernick | December 23, 2015 |

Morning friends, In honor of Christmas and the need for both Martha and I to have a less stressful week, I thought I would repeat a blog I did several years ago about a person’s vulnerability to being a repeat victim in abusive relationships. Please do not take this to mean that you cause someone to abuse you. That is…

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Am I Enabling Or Being Godly Wife?

By Leslie Vernick | October 28, 2015 |

Morning friends, We’ve had some lively dialogue over the past few weeks and I’m going to continue our discussion about boundaries and consequences over the next few weeks. Next week I’m going to tackle the issue of how a diagnosis of mental illness impacts personal responsibility for wrongdoing. And, how or when we should implement consequences for destructive behaviors or…

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I Hate Me And I Love Him – What’s Wrong?

By Leslie Vernick | June 17, 2015 |

Morning friends, Great news. The Village Church has apologized to Karen Root and agreed that their tactics were controlling and harsh when they implemented church discipline against her for having the State of Texas annul her marriage to Jordan Hinkley after she discovered him viewing child pornography. Karen has graciously accepted their apology and the church promised to review cases…

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My Wife Say’s I’m Controlling. Is She Right?

By Leslie Vernick | May 27, 2015 |

Hi Friends, I am so excited about my new course called Letting Go of Negative Emotions, starting Thursday night. It will help you understand where your negative emotions come from, how to recognize them before they get the best of you, and specific strategies on letting them go. It is my most intensive class offering yet, with three 90 minute…

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