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Am I Crazy Or Is He Lying

By Leslie Vernick | March 3, 2021 |

Morning friend, It’s hard to believe that our world has been shut down for a year now. I had planned a trip to France in April that was cancelled this week due to continued COVID restrictions. It’s easy to get angry and depressed. What’s much harder is to take responsibility for our own emotions in an unfair, unpleasant situation and…

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Topic: My sister borrowed money and hasn’t paid it back. Help!

By Leslie Vernick | April 23, 2012 |

Good morning friends, I’m heading out to Dallas, Texas on Thursday to speak at the ABC Biblical Counseling Conference. I’d appreciate your prayers as I speak on Friday afternoon. Do you ever get so busy that God gets pushed to the side? I do, and I hate it. I would love nothing more than to spend long leisurely times soaking…

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My Sister Borrowed Money and Hasn’t Paid Me Back

By Leslie Vernick | September 23, 2008 |

Question: Several years ago my sister borrowed a significant amount of money from me to start a new business. She didn’t want me to tell the rest of our family and I honored her request. Now, several years later, she has yet to repay me the loan. She has made one payment but after that, nothing. I am angry and…

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