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Am I Controlling?

By Leslie Vernick | September 18, 2019 |

Morning friends, I’m back home but in a mess. Living in one place for 3 ½ months and then transitioning back home and bringing everything back home creates a lot of work. Our little cabin freezes during the winter (yes there are places in Arizona that freeze), so all liquids need to come back here including cleaning supplies, makeup, etc.  …

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How Do I Stop Enabling

By Leslie Vernick | February 10, 2016 |

Morning friends,  I’m making the adjustment to living in California and I have to say, I much prefer sunshine every day to cold grey skies. I spent some wonderful time with my granddaughters this weekend and love that I get to have this extra time to continue to develop my relationship with them. Most of the questions in this blog…

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I Have To Control Finances. Does That Mean I’m Abusive?

By Leslie Vernick | September 30, 2013 |

  Morning friends, My new book, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, has been doing very well. Thanks for getting the word out to people who need to hear. Keep up the good buzz because word of mouth is the best way to market a new book. If you tweet, I can email you some key phrases to tweet if you’d like.…

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My Husband is Draining Our Finances With His Addiction. I Don’t Know What to Do.

By Leslie Vernick | May 6, 2013 |

                  Happy Monday Friends, I had a great weekend speaking in the DC area to Life Christian Counseling Network. Dr. Chris Buckingham heads a great organization where over forty Christian counselors provide Christian counseling in various churches throughout the DC area. Next week I’ll be speaking closer to home. I’d appreciate your…

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Does Biblical Love Call Me To Share My Financial Assets?

By Leslie Vernick | August 11, 2008 |

Q. I am searching for Biblical truths in regards to an emotionally devastating situation in my marriage of 14 years. In short, my wife has called our marriage to an end if I do not include her name on all assets that I and my forefathers have worked for for the last 100 years. We both are re-married and both…

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