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My Daughter Is Dating A Boy She’s Crazy About

By Leslie Vernick | March 23, 2022 |

Morning friend, Today’s question is a little different in that it is a parenting question from a concerned parent. If you have worried about your daughter’s dating partner, or if your parents did or said something that helped you wake up to the danger in your dating relationship, please share with this woman to help her get through to her…

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Signs Of Danger Mean Time To Flee

By Leslie Vernick | August 23, 2017 |

Morning friends, I just had an amazing weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska at Lincoln Berean Church where I spoke on the topic of The Emotionally Destructive Relationship. It’s so encouraging to be at a church that not only gets it but is actively helping women, men and families to learn how to be safe and have healthier relationships. Your prayers were…

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I Disagree With The Advice To Simply Try Harder

By Leslie Vernick | May 24, 2017 |

Morning friend, I don’t normally do this but I was so disturbed by a recent pastor’s blog response to a woman in a destructive marriage that I wanted to respond both to him and her publically on this forum. I have been in communication with this pastor, Dr. Mike Lawyer, and he said that he has read my material and…

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