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Self Compassion Shows Strength – Not Weakness

By Leslie Vernick | July 1, 2015 |

Morning Friends, I thought I would do something completely different for the blog during the month of July. Instead of answering a reader’s question, I wanted to ask a few questions of my own. I have asked a few different individuals to guest blog their experience in a destructive marriage on how they stayed well, how they left well, and…

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How Can I Know God Better?

By Leslie Vernick | February 25, 2015 |

Morning friends, WOW! I’m so grateful for the level of support you give to one another on this blog and your willingness to go deeper inside, to discover hidden or unknown parts of yourself. I was talking with a friend this week about this whole idea of knowing who you are and growing up to be all that God created…

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Implementing The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: Is It Worth Church Discipline? Pt. 2

By Leslie Vernick | January 14, 2015 |

Morning friends, I am in Cuba this week and deeply covet your prayers. Ask God for a special anointing on my teaching and time with these dear Cuban church leaders and pastors and that in every way God will be glorified. Also pray for my strength, stamina and my ability to sleep well. I don’t want to come home totally…

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Implementing The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: Is It Worth Church Discipline? Pt. 1

By Leslie Vernick | January 7, 2015 |

  Morning friends, I want to invite you to join my 2015 Do The Word Challenge where we are going to pick one verse per month (the verse of your own choosing) and practice “Doing it” throughout the month. Details are in my New Years Newsletter but if you didn’t get a copy, you can read more about it here.…

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Lessons From Sarah’s Story

By Leslie Vernick & Co. | February 12, 2014 |

Good afternoon friends, Pray for me as I feel I’m on a bit of overload. I am dedicating this weekend to try to sort things out and clean up my office “piles”. Pray that I am able gain my own clarity on using my time well and not neglecting good self-care. Today’s Question: I have spoken in depth to my…

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Ten (10) Steps Necessary to Heal a Marriage After Infidelity

By Leslie Vernick & Co. | January 6, 2014 |

Morning friends, This week I am in Round Top, Texas with some very special women I meet with each year for fun, prayer, reflection, refreshment and accountability. I was hoping for warm weather after barely making my flight out of Philadelphia Saturday morning but the cold weather blew down here too. Brrrrrrr Pray for me while I’m here. That I…

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Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence, Too!

By Leslie Vernick | October 24, 2011 |

Good Morning,I’m in North Carolina today doing a video shoot for the new Divorce Care series. Pray for those who will benefit from the tremendous teaching that Divorce Care Ministries has to hurting men and women trying to recover from divorce. Prayers are also appreciated for me today as I try to communicate God’s hope. For those of you who…

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Topic: My husband won’t change, my pastor can’t help, and I am a mess!

By Leslie Vernick | October 17, 2011 |

Morning friends, Today I’m flying home from sunny (and I mean SUNNY) California where I just spent nine wonderful but exhausting days cooking and taking care of my grandbabies. The weather has been unusually hot and I can’t believe I’m saying this, as a girl who LOVES the sunshine, but I think I’m looking forward to getting back to my…

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Topic: Challenging Your Counselor

By Leslie Vernick | June 27, 2011 |

Good Morning: This weekend I did nothing. Well not exactly nothing, but I went to the beach with 3 girlfriends with no agenda, no projects, no deadlines, no schedule. We just did what we felt like which was nothing but sit and read. It was a nice break in a hectic life and a beautiful weekend. There is something about…

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