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A New Way of Seeing David’s Sin with Bathsheba

By Leslie Vernick | August 9, 2010 |

This week, instead of answering a question, I want to share with you something I wrote for another blog addressing David’s sin with Bathsheba. If you find this informative, please share it with your church leaders. It was a regular Sunday morning, my husband and I attended worship at our home church. Our senior pastor was on vacation so an…

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How do I honor my mother yet protect my children?

By Leslie Vernick | March 22, 2010 |

My daughter had her baby yesterday, Amaya Love, 6.5 pounds and 19 inches long. She is beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her. I am so happy to be a grandma. Today’s question poses a struggle how do I honor a parent that is destructive and potentially dangerous? Question: I’m struggling with what is the best way to honor…

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Practical Suggestions for Loving An Enemy (Difficult Person)

By Leslie Vernick | December 14, 2009 |

We had a lot of responses from last week’s question about how to deal with a difficult person with love, honor and respect, especially when you don’t trust them. So this week’s blog is a follow up to that question with some practical suggestions on how to implement loving one’s enemy or doing good for someone whom you do not…

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My mother-in-law is getting to me. Help!

By Leslie Vernick | December 7, 2009 |

Before I address this week’s question I want to follow up last week’s blog about practicing God’s presence by sharing with you a metaphor that I’ve been using to help me practice abiding in Christ. Jesus used many metaphors to explain the mysterious and unknown things of God in ways people might grasp. For example, he said, “the kingdom of…

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I feel guilty when I set boundaries with my parents

By Leslie Vernick | September 7, 2009 |

Happy Labor Day! I need some help. I’m looking for a very special group of people called Influencers who would be willing to read my new book, Lord I Just Want to be Happy within 30 days after receiving it. After you read it, if you like it, I’m asking you to pass it on to someone else and spread…

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How do I tell my mother she can’t visit my kids?

By Leslie Vernick | August 3, 2009 |

I’m back from vacation. This e-mail came my way a few weeks ago and I was busy with final edits so I didn’t get a chance to respond sooner but I think many of us struggle in similar ways with certain people in our lives. Forgive the lengthiness of it. I felt background was needed to make the things I…

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My husband’s parents enable his drug addiction. Help

By Leslie Vernick | June 22, 2009 |

Question: I have been married for over 10 years. I am African American and my husband is Caucasian. I have never been accepted by my husband’s parents, although they say they have tried. My husband has had problems with alcohol and drug addiction. When he is actively using, we have agreed that he would not live in our home. It…

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How do I honor an abusive father for Father’s day?

By Leslie Vernick | June 15, 2009 |

Father’s Day is coming up and I don’t know what to do. How do I biblically honor a father who was physically and sexually abusive my entire life? I want nothing to do with him and I’m still afraid of him. Does God tell me to try to have some sort of relationship? First, let me say I am sorry…

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Am I Too Nice?

By Leslie Vernick | May 26, 2009 |

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your patience and prayers. I have recovered from my acute bronchitis and returned from Hungary although I’m still jet lagged and still behind on my writing deadlines for my new book. But I didn’t want to go another week without staying in touch. We had a wonderful time in Hungary ministering at a women’s conference where…

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