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Help, I’m Being Treated Like A Child

By Leslie Vernick | November 18, 2015 |

Morning friends, I just returned from a long weekend in Florida. The good news is I got out of Pennsylvania’s blistery weather and enjoyed some great Florida sunshine even though I was indoors most of the time for the conference. The bad news is I’m back in the cold. More and more I prefer the warm weather. Glad I’ll be…

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I’m Angry and I Overeat! Please Help

By Leslie Vernick | September 16, 2015 |

Morning friends, I am heading down to Nashville next week for the American Association Of Christian Counselors Conference. I would deeply appreciate your prayers. I will be speaking next Wednesday afternoon for three hours on Counseling Strategies for the Emotionally Destructive Marriage. Thursday morning, Chris Moles and I are presenting a workshop to about 400 people on Counseling the Emotionally…

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Am I Making Up My Abuse?

By Leslie Vernick | March 18, 2015 |

Morning friends, Hope you had a great weekend. I got a bad cold but had a great speaking event at the Casablanca Bridal Shop in Newport Beach, California. The sponsoring organization, Celebrate Forever, seeks to educate couples on what makes relationships work, and equip them with the tools and skills to transform bad relational habits into ones that will help…

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What Do I Do With My Guilt?

By Leslie Vernick & Co. | February 19, 2014 |

Good morning friends, Thank you for your prayers.  I think all of us on the East Coast are just about at the end of our patience with old man winter.  I have shoveled more snow in the last 3 days than I have in the last 10 years.  There is nowhere else to put it. I’m grateful I do not…

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How Do I Forgive Myself?

By Leslie Vernick | June 3, 2013 |

  Morning friends, I so appreciate you – you’re the best! I have great news! My new book, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage: How to Find Your Voice and Reclaim Your Hope is going to be available a month early on September 17th instead of October 17th. I’m so excited about what this book will offer not only to women in…

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I Feel Guilty For Setting Boundaries

By Leslie Vernick | April 15, 2013 |

                  Good morning friends, I’m in Chicago visiting my parents just before I head out to Grand Rapids to speak at Ada Bible Church Tuesday night. If you’re in the area, I would love to meet you. If you’d like to attend, go to to sign up. I’ll be speaking on…

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