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Speaking up to an overbearing friend

By Leslie Vernick | August 31, 2009 |

Hey Everyone. Today is my birthday. My dear friend, Theresa, came to visit me so I’ve been taking the day off playing and doing fun stuff. I’m attaching a question I was asked while doing a column at Today’s Christian Woman Magazine. I think sometimes our girlfriends, as dear as they can be, can sometimes say things that get on…

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My husband’s attracted to my girlfriend. Help

By Leslie Vernick | July 22, 2009 |

Question: I have been married for 9 years and recently found out that my husband was pursuing one of my friends from church. He told her how he felt and that he was attracted to her. This went on for about 8 months before I found out. From my understanding nothing happened, but there were two incidents that alarmed her…

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Am I Too Nice?

By Leslie Vernick | May 26, 2009 |

Hi Everyone, Thanks for your patience and prayers. I have recovered from my acute bronchitis and returned from Hungary although I’m still jet lagged and still behind on my writing deadlines for my new book. But I didn’t want to go another week without staying in touch. We had a wonderful time in Hungary ministering at a women’s conference where…

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How do I recover from gossip that’s ruined our reputation

By Leslie Vernick | April 28, 2009 |

Our family has been the brunt of gossip by three close family friends. It really hurts. The ripples of them talking is far reaching I our social circle. It’s been devastating. This was three years ago. How do we recover? Gossip is toxic and that’s why the Bible speaks so strongly against it. I’m assuming by your question that these…

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My Friend is Driving Me Crazy

By Leslie Vernick | July 28, 2008 |

Question I’ve developed what I thought was a good friendship with a woman at church but she is starting to drive me crazy. She calls me at least once a day and gets offended if I don’t return her call. I don’t have time to talk for hours on the phone. She also wants to spend lots of time together…

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