Sorry I'm late posting this week. My final book edits were due yesterday and so I'm just working on a new question today. It will be posted later tonight after counseling. Thanks for visiting. Come back tonight. I deeply appreciate you all.


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Should I Use Secular Courts for Child Support?

Morning friends, I want to give you advance notice about a teleseminar and live-streaming event Chris Moles and I will be hosting next Thursday evening at 8:30 pm ET.  Chris is a pastor as well as a Batterer Intervention Specialist in West Virginia.  He works with abusive men who have been court ordered for treatment….


Must I Forget to Forgive?

Morning friend, I just returned from a great women’s retreat “He Makes All Things New” with Called to Peace Ministries. It was wonderful to meet some of you in person and be able to give you a real hug. I’m a little worn out after speaking 7 times and doing two interviews so for this…


Ten (10) Indicators of Successful Marital Counseling Post-Abuse

Hi Friends, Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Last weekend I was speaking in New York and I could feel the power of your prayers while I spoke. It was amazing and God surely used my simple words to powerfully touch people’s hearts. I was truly blessed. I am headed to California on…


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