Does My Husband Always Have The Final Say?

Emotional Distance

Morning friends, Today’s question comes from your comments last week about the issue of headship and submission. A reader said, “My husband won’t let me work even though it’s a job I would love. His reasons are lame but I have no choice, I have to submit.” I won’t be able to cover everything around […]

I’m Too Afraid to Make a Change

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Morning friends, The psalmist asked himself “Why am I downcast? What’s going on? (See Psalms 42 and 43). Depression is often a response to something that is wrong, either in our inner life, in our outer life, or/and in our body. Today’s question is from someone who struggles with depression and is paralyzed by fear. I’m sure […]

Staying Well Together – Part 2

elderly couple

Morning friends, I’m enjoying some days off in sunny California visiting my favorite little girls, Amaya, Leilani and Natalia. Just a quick reminder that my free webinar, Don’t Let Depression Get the Best of You is Thursday, August 6 at 7:30. To register for it sign up here. And, one more detail. Our two session […]

A Man’s Story – I Am Changing


Hi friends, In response to last week’s blog about Leaving Well, a reader asked me to expand on what “honorably” meant when leaving or staying well. Initially I was going to answer her question directly, but thought it might be more meaningful to answer it here because the answer affects us all who are trying […]

I Chose To Leave – A Real Life Story and Game Plan

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Morning friends, Thanks for your prayers. My poison ivy is getting better and my yard is looking better. Next week I’ll post some new pictures. I’m so glad many of you responded positively to our blogger who wrote about staying well. Next week I’ve invited another woman who is walking that same journey of staying […]

How I Got Covered In Poison

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Morning friends, Please pray for me. I am covered with poison ivy. I will get through this but for the moment it’s pretty miserable. Last week I went out to my front door, which I rarely do since we have a side entrance garage. I wanted to plant some geraniums in my two pots on […]

Self Compassion Shows Strength – Not Weakness

Morning Friends, I thought I would do something completely different for the blog during the month of July. Instead of answering a reader’s question, I wanted to ask a few questions of my own. I have asked a few different individuals to guest blog their experience in a destructive marriage on how they stayed well, […]